15th June 2022 – We were delighted to host our #Artachat x Localtalks in our future Cafe!

Here are some images from our very first event on our site! We were delighted to host our Artachat x Localtalks in our future Cafe!

James Hampton is the Founding Director of New Makers Bureau. He established the practice to make architecture that is designed both for its experiential quality and environmental value. He wants to reconnect architecture practice with making, and to explore the tactile and sensual experience of buildings.

Felix Holland is an architect and co-founder of Localworks, a Ugandan design & build collaborative specializing in ecological architecture. Motivated in equal parts by idealism, pragmatism and professionalism, the group consists of a closely-knit team of professionals who together are committed to advancing green architecture in theory and in practice.

Teesa Bahana is the director of 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust.

We thank you James Hampton, Felix Holland and Teesa Bahana for the wonderful presentations during yesterday’s event. We are grateful for all the amazing people that came to hear about the construction progress and celebrate with us.

Last night was a beautiful time to reflect on all the work to date, and all the incredible people who have been involved in getting us this far! It’s a joy to be collaboratively constructing a centre for artists to connect, meet and learn from each other and yesterday was a glimpse of what will be possible with our new home. You have made this quite the journey and with your support, we can’t wait to keep going forward, sharing, and reaching greater heights 🫂 Here are a couple of shots from Artachat thanks to Jim Joel Nyakaana