20th Jan 2022 – Earth construction as a model for alternative building techniques

Did you know that 40% of total direct and indirect CO2 emissions are driven by the building sector? 😱

Our design from New Makers Bureau celebrates the use of earth construction as a model for alternative building techniques that are good for our community and good for our planet 🌍


♻️Careful engineering from Localworks allows design strengths to be met with 7% or less cement, leading to big savings in CO2 emissions
♻️Rammed earth walls are typically much thicker than a concrete wall, which makes them much more effective at controlling indoor temperature fluctuations
♻️ Depending on the width of the wall, outside temperatures take half a day to migrate through the wall to the inside face
♻️ The earth for the walls is taken from the site, so the fuel consumption from transportation is low

We are so proud to be the first building in Kampala to use rammed earth construction!

Sources: Why Not Concrete https://www.rammedearthworks.com/blog/2010/07/31/why-not-concrete
The International Energy Agency https://www.iea.org/topics/buildings

Image of the sample rammed earth wall on site below