Babirye Leilah

Babirye Leilah is a contemporary visual artist who specializes in abstract sculpture. She graduated from Makerere University in 2010, having majored in sculpture, and works with wood, scrap metal and found objects. Babirye Leilah deals with subjects including human rights and gay issues in Uganda, exploring political, social and economic issues. She has completed residences at the Kuona Trust in Kenya, Nafasi Art Space in Tanzania, Hospital Field in Scotland and 32ø East | Ugandan Arts Trust, and received an award from the Royal Overseas League in the UK in 2013 and Fire Island Art Residency at Cherry Groove in New York. Workshops attended: AtWork Kampala 9th-13th Feb 2015. Global critic clinic art workshop 14th-22rd July 2014, Kampala Art Biennale, August 2014, Peace and conflicting art workshop Mali 2013, Kla Art 2014, Kampala contemporary art festival 2014, Coaching for ministries art and leadership conference, trainees of trainees 2013, Raku firing techniques workshop 2008. Publications MUFF magazine 2013 London, New vision 2015/Jan STARS TO WATCHT, CCTV Broad cast television 2013.