Eyob Kitaba

Eyob Kitaba is a multi-media artist from Addis Ababa. His work reflects on the urbanisation and development projects in his city. He likes to incorporate yellow and green into his work, colours used by the Ethiopian government to cordon off construction projects, because they symbolise the importance given to development in Ethiopia. He also utilises found objects such as door handles and corrugated iron sheets on which he paints portraits.

In February 2016, Eyob travelled to Uganda to participate in a six week residency at 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust. He arrived during the build up to the 2016 presidential elections and got caught up in the political rallies that swarmed around Kampala. His installation “Chess” is a reaction to his experience of the city during this time period. The work brings together a boda boda helmet, a broken chair, a ladder and corrugated iron sheets into a door-size chess board reflecting on the game of politics and the contestation of space.