Harandane Dicko

Harandane Dicko’s photography displays the complicated issues plaguing humanity in mostly black-and-white images. He won the first African photography competition organized by the Andalusian Centre of Photography and the African Film Festival in Tarifa, Spain.


As part of his residency at 32° East, Harandane facilitated the Peace and Conflict workshop (May 2013) which used photography to explore the concepts of utopia and dystopia. The workshop was a collaboration between 32° East and Centre Soleil d’Afrique, Mali. He had participants used disposable cameras to capture scenes and moments around Kampala, including Ggaba Beach, a fishing landing site, the taxi park and Kololo, a posh residential area. Each participant had a camera with 27 photos from which they selected a few images to create collages representing utopia and dystopia.