Ian Nnyanzi 

Ian Nnyanzi is a multidisciplinary artist, based in Kampala, Uganda. His experimental work covers the themes of identity and nostalgia by documenting the contemporary African lifestyle. Most of his photography work is raw, gritty, and unconventional, working with subjects in unnatural settings and outside the strict confines of the system. Ian is also the founding member of the music project MASAKA MASAKA which involves experimental sounds, performances and music compositions. His work has been published in local and international, online, and print magazines including Atmos, Vogue Business, CBC Radio Canada & Dazed to name a few.

During his residency at 32°East Nyanzi worked on an experimental art film. He took the approach of street casting and collaborated with several artist from the region to work on the film, which focused on themes of pain, loss, rituals and celebrations and how to embrace them.