Joel Lukhovi

Joel Lukhovi is a visual artist based in Nairobi. He first came in contact with photography in engineering school and has since ventured successfully into several styles of the art. As a self-taught artist, the basic art of modern photography has been a life‐long creative appeal. He feels at home in his constant search of the unending patterns of life.

Lukhovi works predominantly in the medium of photography and text, with a gradual embrace of new and mixed media. He has incorporated a conceptual and experimental approach to his work with themes of space, identity and movement.

Currently, Lukhovi continues to work with photography and literature as a form of social documentary, covering the struggles and joys of everyday life. He maintains that without a visual identity we have no community, no support network, and no movement. Making ourselves visible is a continual process in life.
He has come to appreciate various mediums of art as critical styles, that bring attention to real people and situations living in the aftermath of true‐life events. Lukhovi is a resident artist at Kuona Trust Arts Centre in Nairobi, a creative collective for visual artists. He has continued to showcase and discuss most of his works in the hub.

Lukhovi uses photography, literature and collaborative projects to address matters of the society. Often a time, they are references of self-discovery or purely experimental.

A key aspect of his practice is the ability to organize projects tailored with creative interventions that promote exchanges across traditional and modern international platforms. His effort is directed towards having a complete representation of the continent. Ideologies may be different but the underlining factor is ultimately to give a relative opinion based on the scale. When one is immune to opinions and actions of others, one cannot be a victim of needless suffering.

To this effect Lukhovi is working on a duo Trans-African photography project | African Cityzens | A creative and critical journey about the identity of the continent and life it forms. African Cityzens has successfuly moved across Zanzibar, Eastern and the greater Southern Africa regions. The project will soon be leaving for Central Africa as its third leg. Lukhovi constantly participates in various collaborations based on the dynamics of cities.

Joel Lukhovi has exhibited and participated in art talks/shows, workshops and residencies in his home country Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Somaliland, South Africa, Zimbabwe, England, Germany and France. | |