John Bosco Muramuzi

Muramuzi John Bosco is a Ugandan contemporary artist based in Kampala. He holds a Diploma in Industrial Art and Design from YMCA Comprehensive Institute, Kampala, Uganda.  His work is majorly characterized by a mixture of vivid and sometimes monochrome colours; exploring the rural-urban Ugandan life, nature, culture, socio-economic and architectural transformations in the city.

His main source of inspiration is Kampala, the Ugandan capital and Sheema, his village in the western part of Uganda, where he spent most of his upbringing. Also, he credits his mother, a weaver, as a big influence and inspiration to his career growth, style and technique that can be seen in his intricate bold woven-like semi-abstract cityscapes with human figures, unapologetically depict the lower-middle class Ugandan people in a magical way that empowers the viewer with a powerful message of hope.