Kevo Stero

Kevin, an O-level school dropout, is a visual artist from Kibera working with Maasai mbili and Kuona Trust. He started as a street artist doing signage for shops in Kibera before starting to exhibit in the gallery. Today, he works on a blend of signage and contemporary art in his works and has now participated in many local and international workshops, exhibitions and projects. Kevin’s simple way of being a revolutionary is that all his works are made of a circle with three words “situation, action and reaction”. Every piece of his work is based on one of these words which helps an audience to create the next word. He also uses art to promote peace and as therapy for school-going children in the Kibera slums. He produces a newspaper painting called “Daily Kibera’ at the Maasai Mbili Art Centre. 


During his residency at 32° East from April – May 2013, Kevin created the project: “Buli Lunaku Mu Kampala” or Everyday Kampala. He worked with children and adults froom Kisenyi in Kampala to create street art and murals on the walls of their neighborhood. This art was a way for them to express themselves and to create a sense of care for their neighborhood.