Nusreldin Eldouma 

Nusreldin Eldouma is an experienced painter who works in watercolour, acrylic, black and white drawings and mixed media techniques. He often deploys his art in educational and developmental projects. He has extensive knowledge of Sudanese folklore and his artistic interest lies in the Baobab belt which includes the cultures and features from the Niger to the Nile. In 2019 he graduated with a Master of Art in Folklore from the University of Khartoum and holds a Diploma in Folklore Studies from Khartoum University. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Painting from Sudan University. Eldouma is a teacher and has worked as an illustrator and muralist on multiple UNICEF projects focused on children’s rights. One of his projects includeds SIHA: A Story of Courage and Spirit of Women in the Great Horn of Africa. Eldouma has participated in multiple exhibitions from 1996 to the present and has received multiple awards over the years including having two of his paintings chosen by The Carter Centre in the US (2013) and representing Sudan in The World Festival of Black Arts & Culture in Senegal (2010). 

During his residency at 32°East, Eldouma has been drawing scenes from daily life in Kampala. Following the civil war in Sudan, he left all his paintings and materials behind. Apart from daily scenes in Kampala, he has been drawing portraits of his friends, some of whom encouraged him to pursue art.