Wallace Juma

Wallace Juma is an experimental visual artist based in Nairobi. He studied Art and Design at the Buruburu Institute of Fine Art. He uses an array of materials and techniques to visualize his message and thoughts. He uses reclaimed materials to form his conversation. In a world where so much is thrown away, he asks himself questions about the intrinsic value of what is being represented in glossy magazines and the like. Juma won the ‘Manjano 2018’ first prize and he recently co-founded Kijani Artist Collective. He has exhibited his works in numerous art shows in East Africa, Europe, the USA and Australia.

“The whole excitement of being in a new city, new people… it’s scary but exciting at the same time. Just the fact that I’m challenging myself, in a new opportunity to further my work, the freedom of experimenting is something I enjoy a lot.”