Darlyne Komukama

Darlyne Komukama is a Ugandan self-taught photographer and installation artist. She works mostly collaboratively to investigate and edify the things she cares about: femininity, blackness and connectedness. Darlyn’s feminist ideals are vital to her projects and she will be found working with other women to initiate interesting projects for even more women to enjoy. Her projects include: The Salooni, a multi-media roving installation made together with three Ugandan women investigating and celebrating Black hair; Our Things, a video archive installation made with one other Ugandan woman collecting stories about similar Ugandan experiences; and Penthouse, a rage room on a rooftop in the middle of downtown Kampala where Kampalan women could safely express and manifest their rage. 


In 2017 Darlyne Komukama spent a month-long residence experimenting with different prints for her photography. Drawn to reflective, broken surfaces, Darlyne made a series of prints of the same picture, as shown below. She used found materials and sharp objects to change the surface of the photo and its print.