Mo Sirra

From the beginning of his career Mo Sirra has adopted a way of working that rejects conclusions and articulates intentions. He has, that is, put the idea of rehearsal at the heart of his practice. His interdisciplinary practice-based research investigates the parameters of proposal versus object, the mechanics of language and the ambiguity of meaning and perceiving. He produces complex and diverse work that includes installation art, intervention, sculpture, drawing, photography, video and performance as “a sort of discursive argument”, and creates techniques for mediating the public’s reactions to art and its contexts. 


In August 2017, as part of KLA ART Labs, Gasworks, a Triangle Network partner supported Mo’s residency at 32° East. During his residency, he focused his energy on observation and research, interrogating intention in public art interventions and learning about and from other artists in the city. He shared some of his thoughts during the Methods of Engagement workshop of KLA ART Labs which took place at Comfort Zone, Kansanga, an informal restaurant. There, he used performance, poetry and observational exercises with the previous artist in residence Ife Piankhi. This workshop challenged the participants to think more deeply about how they engage in public spaces, the importance of improvisation in public art and how to respond to shared public spaces with respect.