David Bade

David Bade was born in Curaçao in 1970. He is a sculptor and painter, who makes installations and drawings. His work is often large-scale. In 2004 he initiated the successful art project Arte Swa, using art to unite people from different backgrounds and age groups. A total of 150 participants worked together in an old monumental building at the Bargestraat in Scharloo. Together with Tirzo Martha and Nancy Hoffmann, he founded Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) in 2006 to create a platform for contemporary art in Curaçao. Although he leads a dynamic life which includes lots of travelling, Bade still finds time to guide, coach and inspire the young students at IBB.

David Bade completed a one-month residency at 32° East, during which he visited local communities and areas to do live sketching and painting. He worked with Ugandan artist, Xenson, who responded to Bade’s work with oral reactions in the form of rap and freestyle poetry on the streets of Kampala.