Gloria Kiconco

Gloria Kiconco is a poet, essayist, and zine-maker based in Kampala, Uganda. Gloria self-publishes and shares her work through spoken word performances, readings, and audio compilations in collaboration with music producers. She has created various poetry zine collections including SOLD OUT (2016), RETURN TO SENDER (2018) in collaboration with illustrator Liz Kobusinge, and You Are Lost, You Are Here X (2020) through a residency with Cratér Invertido in Mexico City, Mexico. Her most recent collection, Tunnel of Delight, premiered during the KLA ART Festival in October 2021.

Tunnel of Delight (T.O.D) presented a space of delight and wonder that invited audiences into a reading room presenting a collection of four zines within a colorful fabric installation hosted at the National Library of Uganda, one of Uganda’s treasured archival spaces.