Ian Kashamba

Ian Kashamba is a Ugandan young contemporary visual artist. He applies his skills in painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. He was encouraged by his mother to follow his passion starting from kindergarten in Mbarara Junior, where his drawing skills emerged. He has exhibited at the Seyna Art Gallery, two times, in a group exhibition dubbed, “head and heart, abstraction”. He was also one of the Ugandan local artists listed by an American sculptor called Erik Blome in partnership with the American Embassy in Uganda to create a mural painting in Kalerwe, Kampala.

Kashamba is interested in spiritual, physical and mental aesthetics and how art relates to our way of living. He merges spiritualism with themes of racism, suffering, power, religion, and politics. His style has been influenced largely by expressionism, surrealism, surreal expressionism, realism, pop art and minimalism.