Irma Wange

Irma Wange is a Ugandan Product Designer with a background in communication, design, painting and photography. She holds a Bachelor’s in Industrial and Fine Art from Makerere University. Wange loves adventure and is mainly inspired by nature to make a positive impact on society. She will usually be found with a sketchbook in hand. Wange worked on the Kiira Electric Vehicle project which involved designing electric vehicles at Kiira Motors Corporation. She completed a residency program at Invisible Flock in Leeds, UK where she experimented with a pinhole camera and darkroom techniques. As part of this residency, she also took part in the Unbox Festival in Bangalore, India. She created an installation during the Kampala Design Week 2019.

During her residency, Irma explored her childhood memories particularly related to play and specifically focusing on the African Tulip Tree. She was inspired to create sketches and a painting that she considers part of her larger design process.