Odur Ronald

Odur Ronald is a Ugandan visual artist based in Kampala. He studied Interior Design at Kyambogo University in Uganda and graduated in 2016. His practice involves large-scale installations, sculptures, paintings, and performances to craft narratives that capture the socio-political issues he encounters. By denting, burning, layering, stitching, painting, and weaving, reclaimed aluminium he transforms this commonplace material into detailed sculptures achieving surreal texture, shape and character. He has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions, both at home and abroad. He won the Mukumbya Musoke art prize In 2020, and Prince Claus Seed Award in 2021.

For KLA ART ‘21, Odur reconstructs his living space, placing a hanging installation of sand-cast aluminium shaped like bullets, in the centre of the room. The installation’s projectile shadows are cast all over the room, like the stray bullets and stray tear gas that have marked many with violence and death regardless of intention. In Muwawa, the fear of being an unintended victim is a looming presence even in spaces deemed private because violence is cheap and easy to reproduce without care.