Pamela Enyonu

Pamela Enyonu (1985) is a multimedia artist based in Kampala, Uganda. Pamela has worn many hats throughout her creative career including art educator, writer, brand consultant and now full-time artist. Pamela uses her diverse experiences for artistic exploration that includes but is not limited to texts, dialogue, visual artworks, sound and installations. Pamela’s work usually departs from personal narratives which are woven into a sophisticated artistic language that invites exploration of the complexities of identity, history, and gender. A praxis collaborator, Pamela embraces pedagogical practices, contemporary and artisanal approaches to art making, working with civil society, maker communities and others to seamlessly blend traditional artistry with modern sensibilities.


Pamela Enyonu completed a 4-month residency at 32°East in 2017 during which she focused on different ways to view the female body. ‘Ego Precis’ is an exorcism of personal demons bred from societal judgements, body shaming and aggressions against her as a woman. Through rigorous experimentation with collage and photography, and intense introspection, Enyonu’s final body of work comprised over 20 pieces which complicate and aim to devastate such narratives and attacks through a combination of photography, painting and mixed media on canvas.