Sarah M Ijangolet

Sarah Ijangolet is a Ugandan illustrator and graphic designer based in Kampala. After graduation, she freelanced and developed her skills in digital illustration. She explores the topics of afro-futurism and contemporary womanhood, African mythology, specifically Ugandan myths and legends, in her storytelling and artwork.

As a fan of dystopian fiction, Ijangolet would often wonder how certain end-of-the-world scenarios might play out in a Ugandan setting – what if a zombie outbreak happened in Najjera? Or a plague in Naguru? When the COVID pandemic happened, some of those questions were answered. ‘The Silence’ is a digital animation of a mythical folk tale that explores how an average Ugandan might survive the apocalypse and calls us to question how far this fiction is from the truth.

During her 2019 residency at 32° East, she dissected the popular tale of Kintu and Nambi, their creator Gulu and his begotten son Walumbe. She created a new narrative for the story that gave more agency to the Nambi character and created accompanying illustrations to represent the context that she added to the story.