Simon Katumba

Simon Katumba developed his series of works, “Blindfolded” during his residency of November and December 2016. Katumba uses acrylics and a bold sense of color to provoke thought on how the murky mix of traditional, contemporary and western cultures takes shape on Ugandan soil.

Various characters and intimate perspectives pose questions on themes ranging from love, the lust for material wealth and the power that information wields over people.

From the priest to the prostitute, in Katumba’s work all the people that make up Kampala’s landscape have interesting story to tell.

Currently a practicing artist, Simon Katumba was raised in a religious environment, and is a graduate of the Commercial Industrial Art and Design program from Nkumba University.

In addition to his residency at 32º East | Ugandan Arts Trust, he has taken part in several group exhibitions including the East Africa Visual Artist Connect at Nommo Gallery. He also took part in KLA ART’s Boda Boda Project in 2014 and has worked with 32º East, GirlBe Project and Disability Arts Project Uganda.

Simon Katumba was in residency at 32º East | Ugandan Arts Trust in 2016.