Tanzil Abdallah Adam

Tanzil Abdallah Adam is a Sudanese muralist, textile artist and art-ivist who uses her art to speak about the issues of marginalised voices, especially women. She has worked mostly as a muralist, creating street art in public spaces. Women are central to her imagery and are a reference point in her work. Tanzil grew up in North Darfur and moved to Khartoum in 2013. In 2017, she graduated with a degree in Public Health and Environmental Studies. She completed her master’s course in Public Health in August 2023 but was unable to graduate due to the civil war. After the revolution in Sudan, Tanzil began engaging in public art on the streets. She gathered with other artists to memorialise people who were martyred in a sit-in. Along with fellow artists, she started the group, Salvation in Art, made mostly of self-taught artists. In 2022, Tanzil received the Creative Activism Award, which funded the work of Mayarem, an all-female group of street artists.

For her 2024 residency at 32° East, Tanzil began working with a new medium, thread. She has been working as a crochet artist and learning how to combine the new medium with her experience as a street artist. She is interested in reflecting on the feelings and experiences of post-revolution Sudan through her work.